Tips on How to Start Learning Computer Programming 

programerProgramming is very fun and useful. This is because it can help you be creative and open up new careers for you. Maybe you have been wondering how to start learning computer programming right? Well, you do not have to worry for you are in the right place. This article seeks to help you learn how to start learning these spectacular skills as well as some of the jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

How to start learning computer programming:

1. Choosing a language

This is one of the crucial steps because programming is done as essentially a set of written instructions that your computer follows. These instructions can generally be written as numbers of different languages, but they are actually ways of organizing texts and instructions. Different languages are used to create different types of programs. For this reason, you should choose a language that is relevant to what you want to do. You can learn more afterwards as you progress.

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Five Factors to Consider When Selecting a Software Solution

softwareIn the past 5 years, numerous operators have taken automation seriously by taking advantage of software solution that integrate the functions of various programs into a single and comprehensive multi-featured program such as software solution. These solutions can effectively perform all the critical tasks that are crucial to business operations.


Maybe your business is considering stepping up to an integrated software solution, but you need to know that it’s normal to fear as the prospect of such a change may cause feelings that range from exultations to stone-cold fear. However, you do not have to worry. Just like you was not sure when you started using technological gadget to remove algae in the pool with an automatic pool cleaner (like the ones here) and then you got used to it and started enjoying, the same thing happens when you automate your business operations. Just read through the following things that you need to consider when choosing a software solution for your business:


What do you want the software to do?

You need to compile a list of the tasks that you wish for the software to perform. However, you need to be specific on the exact tasks such as weekly sales reports, print invoices or emails and many more. Also, it is important to identify the information that needs to be stored or tracked, including customer names, past trip history, addresses, employee’s names, and others.


Custom designed or pre-written

Many of the businesses have pre-written, off-the shelf software solutions which include basic functions such as customer relations management, accounting, sales, and reporting tailored to their needs. Pre-written can save you great deal of time and money over customer solutions, but we cannot ignore the fact that custom designed solutions perfectly fit your business as they are designed to fit in, but you will need patience. It’s up to you to decide on the best one for your business.

Where will the software run?

Your business software will basically be shared by all or many of the computers in your organization network. The software can be hosted on a local computer or it may be hosted a server on the internet. The functions of your solution will determine the best hosting method. Internet applications are designed to be one-size-fits all and they are generally rented and are not customizable as an in-office solution. On the other hand, solutions with broader range of functionality or more customized can easily be implemented on your local network.



This is where many fail. Before choosing the right software solution for you, you need to set a realistic budget to make sure you don’t go overboard with your business money. You can do so by talking to a qualified computer programmer or a company that have recently implemented a solution. Don’t forget to look at the required hardware upgrades, solution customization, training, and support. All these will help you come up with a realistic budget.


Demonstrations and references

It is obvious that salespeople have a way of making everything look awesome. For this reason, you need to try and find one that has special experience in your line of business. Ask about developers and programmers. It will be even better if the agency offering the solution have experience in your industry that is beyond programming. You need to speak to actual users on their implementation experience, solution reliability, software performance, scalability, customer service team, and more. This way you can now make an informed decision.


When integrated software is chosen thoughtfully and systematically integrated into business operations, the return on investment will obviously be huge. Any office task that you perceive boring and tiring can be completed more quickly with a well-designed and integrated software solution.

Traits that Define a Good Computer Programmer

traits of a computer programmerComputer programmers come with wide range of skill sets, they come from numerous countries, cultures and can have differing backgrounds as well as experiences. However, certain qualities can make a big difference between a great programmer and a poor one. Below are some qualities that may define a good programmer:

Good programmers do not accept things as they appear. They love to dig deeper into something, even if it seems to be working just fine. This is how they manage to solve problems before they become problems and this is also the most effective way to solve acute issues. A programmer who lacks curiosity ends up lacking knowledge that might help them understand a problem that arises, which means that they work with blinders on. It is like planning to go for a camping holiday with a backpacking tent that is not fit for the climatic condition, yet you do not have an idea of where to get the best one.

Good communication skills
Communication skills does not only mean being proficient in English speaking. It means being able to pass an idea effectively and accurately. Sounds, pictures, and hand motions are all part of communication skills. A programmer who has a hard time getting his point across or understanding what others are trying to say may not be effective in the long run. This can very well be noted during an interview. If you find that a candidate is finding it hard to communicate, you can be sure that they will have a hard time doing the job as well. Just as you consider individuals communication skills of administrative candidates during interview, regardless how good their resumes are (example here). When it comes to computer programming, you should do the same.

Top flight reading speed as well as comprehension
Another thing with a computer programmer activity is that their work is not usually based on code typing. They spend significant part of their day reading, whether it is other programmers’ code, websites with documentation, examples, or even projects specifications. A programmer who reads slowly or less fail to understand what he is reading will be insufficient and worse for your business. It is obvious that you do not want to have a staff that misreads the specs and wastes three weeks doing the wrong thing. This can be embarrassing when you try to explain the reason of the delay to your sponsors.

Attention to detail
Attention to detail is a close relative to curiosity. A programmer who pays attention to details will obviously be more productive. Unfortunately, it is hard to measure this quality during hiring process but still things can happen during the process and you can be able to tell if a candidate has this trait.

Self learning skills
It is not easy to find a programming shop that have time and budget to offer training to its programmers. This is so unfortunate but we cannot deny that it is the current market reality. However, many programmers train themselves using their skills set once they are through with the formal schooling. A programmer who is good at self learning can be a good programmer.

With that being said, we cannot deny the fact that a computer programmer is crucial in every business and that his/her proficiency will highly determine the success of the business. For this reason, it is good for every business person to consider the above traits when looking for a programmer.


Why Should You Learn Computer Programming?

Computer programmingComputer programming is about building the next cool app, building a killer website, planning, discipline, problem solving, and good introduction to the awesome world of logic. Even those people who were not destined to make a career out of programming, there are great advantages that you can get from these skills.

Before looking at the three skills that are common to every type of programming, problem solving, planning, and logic, it is worth recounting a little anecdote about the misconception that many programmers have to be able to be engineers, or at very least, good mathematicians.
There was a time when we had computers that were so huge and one could only operate it with the use of little bits of cards and ticker tape. If they went wrong, someone would repair the valves and it saved a lot of time if the person operating it was a programmer.

In the past years, applicants for universities from all over the world who wanted to study computer science wondered what kinds of subjects one needs to study in order to be accepted into the university. This is because medical students needed to have a ground in human biology, those who wanted to study astrophysics needed to be good in mathematics, but for computer science students, it was easier since no special knowledge was required.

Flexible working and good pay
Computer programming is a great career that you can earn a living from. Its pay is good and you can even get some part time jobs and balance your career with other job opportunities that may arise. The fact that you do not need to have any special knowledge means that you can easily study it and succeed. You can compare it to truck driving since to be a truck driver, you need no special knowledge, yet it is a well-paying job.

Besides, there are numerous trucking companies as well as software companies for newcomers to join to make your dream come true.

Learning planning through computer programming
It is said that the best way to appreciate the subject matter is by teaching someone else. This being the case, the best way to appreciate how to do things properly is by breaking it down to smaller and steps, until the whole process is laid bare. With the knowledge of all the components, estimates of coat and time can now be applied as well as various checks and balances that prove that things have been done correctly.

Computer programming is an introduction to problem solving
Some things might seem impossible at first glance. No wonder the idea that every page on the internet could be indexed and then searched in real time was considered to be a pipe dream to many. However, the fact that a computer is just a thing that can be able to interrupt commands helps the programmer in finding a way to solve numerous problems and if there are no obvious solutions, a programmers brain has a way to be able to think laterally and at least find a workaround. The basis of this is known as logic.

Basic logic in computer pprogramming
Maybe this is the only science in programming left. Logic essentially allows you to hand the decision making to the computer, and then command it to perform specific actions depending on various conditions that it encounters.

There are also logic constructs that allows you as a programmer to repeat actions or choose actions and ways that various lists of instructions can be re-used for various tasks. This will depend on how they are invoked.

Seeing the entire domain as a set of interacting objects is a transferable skill that you can learn from computer programming In fact, of all the skills that you can acquire, computer programming is a good set of transferable skills and maybe that is the main reason as to why you need to learn computer programming.

Tips on How to be a Good Programmer


Becoming a programmer is a cumulative process that builds up your programing skills day after day. Programing can be fun and rewarding career mentally,physically,and financially. I usually ask myself about how to be a good programmer. The best way to judge a programmer is by checking his codes that he /she write. This is because coding is one important part of a programmer and by looking at the code alone you can know if a programmer is good or not. Below are some of the things that you should consider when choosing the rightprogrammer.


1. Standardization

A good programmer does not only write a clean and standard code but they also make great efforts to ensure that the code looks great. For instance, contents, blanks, and notes need to be clear and well-spaced. Also, a good programmer needs to strictly comply with standard naming and layout.


2. Consistency

By constantly looking at the code, you will be able to know if the programmer is good or not. Codes written by as a good programmer are well crafted and are consistent. This is because a good programmer can follow the normal and standard naming methods such as camelCase. On the other hand poor programmers usually diverge from the consistent naming. Even as you put so many efforts on codes, it is good to consider programmer’s outside look. In most cases, outside looks defines out personality, and can at times portray our expertise. Even if you want to be a good programmer, do not forget to look after your hair you can choose to keep your hair long and still look professional. Many clients would choose to hire services of a good looking man. If you are not sure of how you want to keep your hair there are numerous trendy men hairstyles that you can make good use of and still look like a professional programmer that you are.


3. Spelling errors

If you are a programmer, you need to ensure there are no spelling errors. This is because poor programmers usually produce numerous errors in their code by using one fixed word for the same type of action. For example, add/insert, where they may use either add or insert in the whole coding.


4. Abbreviation

Programmers need to use the abbreviations in a coherent manner. As a programmer, if you want to use an abbreviation, you need to use it in the whole coding to keep inherent and consistent. You need to pay attention to nouns and adjectives because in English, adjectives are always in the former. Poor programmers have no rules and can even put adjectives in the latter. To be agood programmer, you need to be ken on abbreviation.


5. Repeated code

In most cases, poor programmers always write large chunks of repeated code, and it is difficult for them to extract c unified concept from the repeated code to reuse. A good software developer has consistent parameter names as well as function definition as in their code notes. If you are a good programmer, you will also pay attention to the codes and notes consistency for external API.


6. Junk code

To be a good programmer, you should never leave a junk code. You are competent in judging whether a piece of code is useful and you will keep it.For the useless one’s they will get rid of them and their work will be neat and effective.


With the above information, even if you do not understand programming technical language, you can still judge if the programmer is good by looking at their code. Therefore, to be a good programmer, you need to keep every effort to keep your code concise, clean, and inherent. That is what I can call beautiful coding.

Video games

Do You Love Computer Games? Learn How To Create Your Own Computer Game Online

Video gamesDesigning a video game is so easy contrary to what most people think. There are so many game making programs that make the creation of games easier even for any one without any previous programming knowledge or experience. Those who love games and those wishing to become programmers can easily build their own games and let the public access them online.
I am also a fan of video games and I have created a couple of my games which can be accessed online. I usually do it during the night after my day job as a programmer. After preparing supper, I settle down on my work desk and begin to work. I love fish that has some herbs and most of the time I will always get my good fillet knife to prepare the fish. I love natural herbs so I have a nice herb grinder which I use to grind the herbs. After a nice fish meal, I settle down to start creating my video games with a glass of sweet homemade juice. I have lots of programs to choose from so that I can create top quality computer games, but the basics of creating computer games are always the same. Here is what you should know

  • Decide on the kind of game you want to make first. There are so many types of games such as sports, simulators, shooters and role playing games. Choose one and play as many games of that type as you can.
  • Take a note of the games you enjoy playing and what makes them enjoyable. Be very concise regarding the movement of characters, and what the screen layout is like. This is like compiling a to-do list of your own game.
  • Using your video game software, create a room. A room is where your game takes place in and can be created in most game programs by just clicking on the “create a room” option in the main menu.
  • Add different objects in your room. Objects are things in the room apart from the background and will require some basic computer coding such as a character or furniture.
  • Add sprites to every object. The sprites will determine what the objects will resemble. You can upload and assign images that you come up with or use the ones the game program has in the files.
  • Delegate actions and events to every object. The style of doing this varies significantly depending on your program but if you click on an object, you can delegate attributes to each and come up with events. An event is something that takes place in your game. For instance, if Object A hits Object B, Object A becomes a monster or dies. Put these actions and events together to create the mechanics of your game.
  • Add extra rooms, backgrounds, and sound effects if necessary. Most programs will let you add this feature with ease. Create menus for each feature and an upload button that introduces your own material.
  • Try out your own game. Once you have the main concept, try it out and work on any problems that may arise to ensure that the game is exceptional and that you are happy about it.
  •  Upload your game to a website. There are many sites that are made for amateur video games. Once you have your game uploaded to a gaming site, people will be able to play it and leave reviews on the quality of the game.

The most important thing that you should bear in mind when creating your game is to keep it very simple. You will mostly succeed if you make a less frustrating game that is one room based than a complicated game with several rooms. Do not be in a rush, start small, and gradually work your way up.

iPhone apps

How To Develop Iphone Apps That Will Earn You Some Money

iPhone appsHave you ever thought of making your own iPhone apps that actually sell? Well, you are in the right place. It does not matter whether you are a construction worker or a bartender, anyone can create an iPhone application as long as you have some basic computer knowledge. Anyone who is interested in creating iPhone apps and can actually make great iPhone applications with ease. It just needs lots of patience and commitment to get your own app created and running.

What You Will Need

To create iPhone touch apps using SDK, you should have an Intel-based Mac that has a running Mac OS X Leopard or later.


1. What you will need to do is in order to develop iPhone Apps is to join the iPhone Developer Program. This is a program that will provide you with the tools that are needed to create a good iPhone app and get your app running in the iPhone store. There are two programs that you can choose from. The standard program that is about $99 and the Enterprise program that is $299.
2. After purchasing a program, what you do next is make iPhone apps so as to develop your application. With the help of the iPhone SDK, it is very easy to create whatever application you want to. You can use videos and sample codes that will help you in coming up with a unique application. There are also available documents that you can keep on referring to, to help you through the whole process.
Some tools used in developing apps include xCode. This will assist you in managing your application and also debug it. It also has a source editor that assists you as you develop your app.
Another important tool is the iPhone Simulator application that also helps to test run your application and debug it. There is also the interface builder that assists you in designing an interface that is user friendly that is easy to drag and drop.
3. After you are done creating your application, you can do a test run on your iPhone to view it exactly the same way your clients will see it. It is important to test it in real time using xCode application which will aid you to debug the program and to also test it through the 3G connection on your iPhone to see what others will see of your newly created app.
4. Finally now that your app is up and running, you will have to distribute it so that you can make money out of it. For instance, with iPhone SDK, you are able to choose the price of your app. You receive 70% of the sales revenues through checks that are usually send to you every month.
If you thought creating applications was only for computer geeks, there you have it. It is such an easy process, and once you start, you are assured of some regular source of income.

smartphone apps

Must Have Digital Tools For Authors And Illustrators

smartphone appsIn today’s work digital world, everything his typically changing and even authors and illustrators need to keep up with the technological advancements. I am a fan of magazines and I read lots of them and as a web developer, I realized a lot of authors are not aware of this amazing digital tools. Every evening I make sure I read a couple of my favorite magazines that I always get at the end of each month from my beer club as I sip some nice tasting bourbon whiskey before I get to bed.
Keep your books and pen away and let me keep you on the know of must have digital tools for authors and illustrators. These tools will make your work easier and you will be able to deliver quality work within no time.


As a writer, getting a writer’s block is quite normal. Get the storyteller app on your phone, and you will have so many ideas that will inspire you to come up with the right ideas, genres, plots and themes that might be what you need to ace the storm. The app doesn’t just have word prompts; it has a display of scenes and pictures that will inspire you even visually. For only $1.99 on iOS, you can have this functional app.

These is a free app on iOS that allows you to draw using different tools such as pencils, markers, crayons, highlighters and pens. This is a very innovative program and a unique way for illustrators to create different illustrations on mobile devices

GIF Boom

No matter how you pronounce this app, this is a must have app for all your visual creations. You can create a stop motion, burst or even an auto GIF easily and then put some filters, alter the speed or try out different editing options that will spur your imagination. When you have created a perfect GIF, you can share it with your friends so that they can watch it and like.
A storyteller can also make a GIF that will promote their latest a new blog entry, project, or a book or show some scenes from their great literature works. This is an app that is useful to illustrators, storytellers and authors which uses Tumblr, a platform that is compatible with GIF.

Inkflow Visual Notebook

This is an app that will make you life more organized. You can write notes and post photos using this free app on iOS. It also functions as a digital notebook. It has some different layout options ranging from wide ruled lines to sheet music. Therefore, a creator is able to do a lot of things such as writing a short composition or a story while on the move using a stylus or a keyboard.

Comic life.

This app enables you to easily create comics on your phone and then make them look like an in animated story. You are able to take photos and write a copy of it in the app. It is a good tool for those people who do comics. For just $4.99 on iOS, you have this app.
These apps will make your life as an illustrator or author easier and much more organized. Get them and see how you will have such an easy time.

programmer working

Most Annoying Things About Being A Programmer

programmer workingProgramming is so much fun! If I would be given a second chance I would do it all over again. But just like all other jobs it has its fair share of frustration that comes with it. Most people who are not programmers look at programmers and wish they were just us. Right? The job comes with a high compensation, truly exciting, respected and dare is I say sexy? Well one of my friends who is a cashier  always keeps joking that programmers are geniuses. She just resigned from her previous job after her nanny got terminally ill. She had to take some time off to take care of her children and to search for another great nanny.
However, she has since got a good nanny after she was helped by her mum pick a nanny who had a great sample of a resume as nanny. She is now taking copies of her cashier resumes to different offices looking for a new job which I am hoping she will get soon. Often, she tells me she wishes she had studied programming in college. Well I understand her assumptions but being a programmer is not all roses.
This may be surprising but sadly, it is the truth. Honestly speaking, after raising four children and the 20 years I have worked as a developer, I would blame programming as one of the reasons I have a receding hairline and lots of gray hairs. Just like all other jobs, this is one job that can drive you nuts literally if you are not careful. It’s full of frustrations, lots of hair pulling and banging of tables and chairs.
I have had my own frustrating experiences as a programmer, but here are some of the worst I have had.

Everyone assumes that you can fix any problems related to computers

Well I make lots of codes to earn some decent income, but no I can’t help you with that computer that needs rebooting or has uploads that refuse to open. Unless, of course! You offer to buy me some coffee. And no, I ain’t making any promise to fix the problem for you because sometimes I just don’t know what the problem is!

Project managers underestimating the time needed to complete a task

I have worked as a developer and I know how long creating different codes will take me so if I tell you I will take a certain amount of time. Kindly do not undercut it and put your own deadlines. I preferred project managers who were really willing to discuss with me about the time taken than those who ignored my deadlines and wanted to overpressure me to deliver according to their deadlines.

End users not giving clear reasons why they got a bug on their computers

This was plainly annoying and it left me clenching my fists. Why in this world would somebody report a problem and barely give all the problems they are experiencing? And how do you expect me to diagnose your problem?

Ignorance of information

As a developer, I used to write documentation, very technical documents for other developers and at times for the end user. This is information that that you are expected to take some time and read. Don’t come to me asking me to explain everything from scratch!
Are you a programmer, what are the things that annoy you the most? Have a good laugh at them…


The Best Free Ways One Can Learn Programming

programmingWhen I was a kid I always dream of being a hairstylist. I remember how I was so obsessed with hair color as a young person and the way I gave my mom a really hard time trying to get me the right shampoo to wash my colored haired. Things we make our parents deal with! Fast forward to my first encounter of some lines of code that were in a popular fashion magazine. There was description of some cream for people with oily skin but I did not pay much attention to the description. What intrigued me most was this code that seemed so alien, yet fascinating. I decided that I was going to make sure that I learn how to create such codes.
I am a go getter and when I decide on something I have to get it. I asked a couple of my friends and they were willing to tell me some of the free software I could download from the internet and teach myself. I installed a programming language, borrowed some programming books from the school library and downloaded tons of YouTube tutorials. As I slowly taught myself how to be a great programmer, I came across lots of great ways to learn programming on your own. Here are some easy to learn programming languages that all beginners should begin with.

This is not merely a programming language or a video game. It is actually both. It is a great place to start up if you want to learn how to program. It is meant for children but adults too can use it especially if they do not have prior knowledge of programming. You can build all kinds of computer programs inside of its animated world. As you learn how to program, you will face puzzles, which are quite difficult making you be creative and come up with ways of learning how to solve problems.

This is a programming modeling environment which is popular among students, teachers and researchers all over the world. It has a very big library of sample models which deal with large parts of natural and social sciences. To run this software, you should have Java 5 installed in your computer.

Hackety Hack
This software can assist you in learning how to make software using Ruby programming language. Hackety Hack teaches by using a traditional approach, but adds libraries that make it easier to complete difficult tasks that are online.
This is a learning environment that lets the user to play, learn and explore in different areas such as computer programming, math and science, internet literacy, computational thinking and creative thinking. Features such as code completion, highlighting and code templates among others make programming seem much easier. You will also need to have Java 6 installed into your computer to be able to use Kojo.

These are some of the free sites that I found very useful as I tried learning programming on my own. After gaining enough experience with simple languages, you can always move to the more complicated programming languages you want. I don’t know how I lost my interest in being a hair stylist but I totally love the new experiences I learn every day. Sometimes my mom and I often laugh about it but I still love fashion magazines!