Tips on How to Start Learning Computer Programming 

programerProgramming is very fun and useful. This is because it can help you be creative and open up new careers for you. Maybe you have been wondering how to start learning computer programming right? Well, you do not have to worry for you are in the right place. This article seeks to help you learn how to start learning these spectacular skills as well as some of the jobs you can do from the comfort of your home.

How to start learning computer programming:

1. Choosing a language

This is one of the crucial steps because programming is done as essentially a set of written instructions that your computer follows. These instructions can generally be written as numbers of different languages, but they are actually ways of organizing texts and instructions. Different languages are used to create different types of programs. For this reason, you should choose a language that is relevant to what you want to do. You can learn more afterwards as you progress.

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Must Have Digital Tools For Authors And Illustrators

smartphone appsIn today’s work digital world, everything his typically changing and even authors and illustrators need to keep up with the technological advancements. I am a fan of magazines and I read lots of them and as a web developer, I realized a lot of authors are not aware of this amazing digital tools. Every evening I make sure I read a couple of my favorite magazines that I always get at the end of each month from my beer club as I sip some nice tasting bourbon whiskey before I get to bed.
Keep your books and pen away and let me keep you on the know of must have digital tools for authors and illustrators. These tools will make your work easier and you will be able to deliver quality work within no time.


As a writer, getting a writer’s block is quite normal. Get the storyteller app on your phone, and you will have so many ideas that will inspire you to come up with the right ideas, genres, plots and themes that might be what you need to ace the storm. The app doesn’t just have word prompts; it has a display of scenes and pictures that will inspire you even visually. For only $1.99 on iOS, you can have this functional app.

These is a free app on iOS that allows you to draw using different tools such as pencils, markers, crayons, highlighters and pens. This is a very innovative program and a unique way for illustrators to create different illustrations on mobile devices

GIF Boom

No matter how you pronounce this app, this is a must have app for all your visual creations. You can create a stop motion, burst or even an auto GIF easily and then put some filters, alter the speed or try out different editing options that will spur your imagination. When you have created a perfect GIF, you can share it with your friends so that they can watch it and like.
A storyteller can also make a GIF that will promote their latest a new blog entry, project, or a book or show some scenes from their great literature works. This is an app that is useful to illustrators, storytellers and authors which uses Tumblr, a platform that is compatible with GIF.

Inkflow Visual Notebook

This is an app that will make you life more organized. You can write notes and post photos using this free app on iOS. It also functions as a digital notebook. It has some different layout options ranging from wide ruled lines to sheet music. Therefore, a creator is able to do a lot of things such as writing a short composition or a story while on the move using a stylus or a keyboard.

Comic life.

This app enables you to easily create comics on your phone and then make them look like an in animated story. You are able to take photos and write a copy of it in the app. It is a good tool for those people who do comics. For just $4.99 on iOS, you have this app.
These apps will make your life as an illustrator or author easier and much more organized. Get them and see how you will have such an easy time.

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Most Annoying Things About Being A Programmer

programmer workingProgramming is so much fun! If I would be given a second chance I would do it all over again. But just like all other jobs it has its fair share of frustration that comes with it. Most people who are not programmers look at programmers and wish they were just us. Right? The job comes with a high compensation, truly exciting, respected and dare is I say sexy? Well one of my friends who is a cashier  always keeps joking that programmers are geniuses. She just resigned from her previous job after her nanny got terminally ill. She had to take some time off to take care of her children and to search for another great nanny.
However, she has since got a good nanny after she was helped by her mum pick a nanny who had a great sample of a resume as nanny. She is now taking copies of her cashier resumes to different offices looking for a new job which I am hoping she will get soon. Often, she tells me she wishes she had studied programming in college. Well I understand her assumptions but being a programmer is not all roses.
This may be surprising but sadly, it is the truth. Honestly speaking, after raising four children and the 20 years I have worked as a developer, I would blame programming as one of the reasons I have a receding hairline and lots of gray hairs. Just like all other jobs, this is one job that can drive you nuts literally if you are not careful. It’s full of frustrations, lots of hair pulling and banging of tables and chairs.
I have had my own frustrating experiences as a programmer, but here are some of the worst I have had.

Everyone assumes that you can fix any problems related to computers

Well I make lots of codes to earn some decent income, but no I can’t help you with that computer that needs rebooting or has uploads that refuse to open. Unless, of course! You offer to buy me some coffee. And no, I ain’t making any promise to fix the problem for you because sometimes I just don’t know what the problem is!

Project managers underestimating the time needed to complete a task

I have worked as a developer and I know how long creating different codes will take me so if I tell you I will take a certain amount of time. Kindly do not undercut it and put your own deadlines. I preferred project managers who were really willing to discuss with me about the time taken than those who ignored my deadlines and wanted to overpressure me to deliver according to their deadlines.

End users not giving clear reasons why they got a bug on their computers

This was plainly annoying and it left me clenching my fists. Why in this world would somebody report a problem and barely give all the problems they are experiencing? And how do you expect me to diagnose your problem?

Ignorance of information

As a developer, I used to write documentation, very technical documents for other developers and at times for the end user. This is information that that you are expected to take some time and read. Don’t come to me asking me to explain everything from scratch!
Are you a programmer, what are the things that annoy you the most? Have a good laugh at them…


The Best Free Ways One Can Learn Programming

programmingWhen I was a kid I always dream of being a hairstylist. I remember how I was so obsessed with hair color as a young person and the way I gave my mom a really hard time trying to get me the right shampoo to wash my colored haired. Things we make our parents deal with! Fast forward to my first encounter of some lines of code that were in a popular fashion magazine. There was description of some cream for people with oily skin but I did not pay much attention to the description. What intrigued me most was this code that seemed so alien, yet fascinating. I decided that I was going to make sure that I learn how to create such codes.
I am a go getter and when I decide on something I have to get it. I asked a couple of my friends and they were willing to tell me some of the free software I could download from the internet and teach myself. I installed a programming language, borrowed some programming books from the school library and downloaded tons of YouTube tutorials. As I slowly taught myself how to be a great programmer, I came across lots of great ways to learn programming on your own. Here are some easy to learn programming languages that all beginners should begin with.

This is not merely a programming language or a video game. It is actually both. It is a great place to start up if you want to learn how to program. It is meant for children but adults too can use it especially if they do not have prior knowledge of programming. You can build all kinds of computer programs inside of its animated world. As you learn how to program, you will face puzzles, which are quite difficult making you be creative and come up with ways of learning how to solve problems.

This is a programming modeling environment which is popular among students, teachers and researchers all over the world. It has a very big library of sample models which deal with large parts of natural and social sciences. To run this software, you should have Java 5 installed in your computer.

Hackety Hack
This software can assist you in learning how to make software using Ruby programming language. Hackety Hack teaches by using a traditional approach, but adds libraries that make it easier to complete difficult tasks that are online.
This is a learning environment that lets the user to play, learn and explore in different areas such as computer programming, math and science, internet literacy, computational thinking and creative thinking. Features such as code completion, highlighting and code templates among others make programming seem much easier. You will also need to have Java 6 installed into your computer to be able to use Kojo.

These are some of the free sites that I found very useful as I tried learning programming on my own. After gaining enough experience with simple languages, you can always move to the more complicated programming languages you want. I don’t know how I lost my interest in being a hair stylist but I totally love the new experiences I learn every day. Sometimes my mom and I often laugh about it but I still love fashion magazines!